Monday, 12 December 2011

Cape York Childcare

Childcare was the bane of my existence.

I've been through nannies and schemes like I did 'mother's groups' and any other short-lived fad over the past few years. I've used family, family daycare, registered care, approved care, private nannies at our place, private nannies at their place, friends, friends of friends and I even got so desperate once that I resigned from my job and setup a daycare centre in my own backyard. Yes, it was a 'million-dollars-made-in-my-mind' fad and something we're not allowed to talk about any more....

But not anymore!

With my daughter going into 'big school' in a few weeks, it's just my son that will continue on at his daycare centre.  The ladies in there are beyond amazing and cater for every little wildbeast you can imagine - including mine!

I picked up my son from daycare and I asked him if he had a lovely day.  His daily reply goes something like this:   "Yep, I got 5 pigs today mum".  I ask him how?  He then explains that he cut one and shot another one with his shotgun but some ran off so him and 'Cam' had to get their dogs out....  The little man has never been 'pigging' in his life but the beautiful ladies at the centre had made them little hunting belts and turned ordinary popper boxes into covered dog-tracker GPSs fitted-out with a straw aerial.  They were acting out their weekends and their father's stories.  My daughter once got in on the other side and I noticed her legs were covered in faux-band-aids. I asked her what happened. She said she was the pig today......

If it's not imaginary pig-hunting then it's bullriding.  "Riding a cowboy today mum" when the ladies have set up saddles on wooden horses out the back and shuffling them off onto the mats, ready to take on the next brave rider.

It would be strange to read this if you lived in a city or in 'civilisation' but for our kids there's no mimmicking T.V shows or asking to watch a movie.  Whether they're living it or not, they're still experiencing it and making adventurous memories. 

Riding a Cowboy!

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