Saturday, 24 December 2011

Mercinaries, Missionaries and Misfits

Someone told me yesterday that there are three types of people and that Cape York is full of them. The more I thought about it, the more people I could relate it to. Some of us have elements of some or all. Either way, an amusing thought for the day....

Mercinary - someone who lives up here because they make a lot of money and they don't care how.  They work hard, long hours, do what needs to be done and often at the expense of others around them or the environment.  They have little regard for the wake they leave because they know this is not their 'home' and they can leave when it gets too hard for them. 

Missionary - someone who comes up here and thinks they can fix all the 'problems'.  They're often Christ associated and ready to convert the next person in need of a labottomy with the intention of making everyone live and beathe like they do.  They don't see people for who they really are but as either like them or in need of 'change' in an eternal quest to convert the world to their beliefs, values and way of life.  They pave their way with great intentions and, in their inexperience and nieveity in life, walk around with blinkers and a one-track mind. 

Misfit - someone who comes up here because the rest of the world chewed them up and spat them out and there's literally nowhere else for them to go. They can be reckless, wild and impulsive or the complete opposite, either way, only their own mothers could love them.  They're here because someone said they should 'try it' and are now appreciating the thousands of kms between them.  They can't fit inside any 'normal' box and are the square peg.  People might love them because they can't believe they do what they do without blinking an eyelid. 

So which one are you?

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